L'Isle au Ciel

$295,000.00: feasible terms (Lat: 46 degrees 01 33.59 N Long. 81 degrees 36 30.05 W) L'Isle au Ciel is the only privately owned tract of land on the north shore of Baie Fine in Ontario, Canada. The island is approx.120 acres encompassed by clear waters and crown owned "heritage" lands. The uplands above Home Bay are highly mineralized Canadian Shield formations with patches and very sizable tracts of Hemlock, White Pine and mixed hardwoods. The views from above are breathtaking. From ice out through till some weeks after the first frosts of October you will find an amazing assortment of wild flowers blooming. During July and August the forest floor is a patchwork of wild Lady Slipper orchids, Indian Pipes, Squawberry and other indigenous blossoming plants. There are plenty of blueberries and, in season, the area has a plethora of wild edible mushrooms. Home Bay (a.k.a Whiskey Bay) is a small deep harbour set snugly into the land midway along the approx 4500' waterfront of the Island in the Sky. It has a sheltered beach, with some acres of forest immediately behind. The soil there is rich gravelly woodland loam and would grow good crops of tomatoes, peppers, corn, sunflowers and "veggies". The bay is buttressed east and also west by brilliant white cliffs. Home Bay is pristine, totally undeveloped, zoned "Shoreline Residential", faces south (raw solar energy) and thus is perfectly suited to constructing a wilderness hideaway. Private and secluded with no issues of noise intrusion or pollution. There is no road within forty miles overland to the northeast (100+ miles via the chain of ponds and lakes across Killarney Provincial Park). Access to L'Isle au Ciel is by boat from Little Current on Manitoulin Island and by sailing yacht or motor cruiser up across Lake Huron or eastward Little Current at the entrance to Georgian Bay and by float plane (or chopper). Well known for it's astounding palisades of white/pink crystalline rock; for muskellunge and bass and trout fishing; for its snug anchorages, Fine Bay has for a century and more been a choice cruising ground for holiday adventurers on sailing yachts and motor vessels. Hardly a week passes in July, August and September without some tidy cruiser setting a lunch hook or anchoring over night in the seclusion of Home Bay. On a lucky day you will find yourself watching elk browsing up behind the beach. For the hunter our area is known for its white tailed deer, black bear and woodland moose. The Island in the Sky is a remarkable find and is now for sale.