Cache Lake / Long Narrow Lake / Blueberry Lake

$175,000.00 : feasible terms Cache Lake Country: Longitude: 44 degrees 47 minutes 19.422 seconds, Latitude: 76 degrees 50 minute 34.004 seconds (will put you on Lot 23, Con. 4, Olden) Township of Central Frontenac /
  • Lot 23, Con. 4, Olden, 188 acres
  • Lot 25, Con. 2, Olden, 212 acres
  • Lot 24, Con 4, Olden, 100 acres
  • Totalling 500 acres adjoining
    +/- 35,000 acres CROWN LAND
Although the Cache Lake Country tracts have been in private hands for going on two centuries and the land was settled and brought into some semblance of cultivation at an early date, they had apparently been vacated by the late 1800ís. The properties have been held for hunting and conservation purposes during the recent 60+ years. Cache Lake Country is a pure wilderness acreage. Cache Lake itself is a large beaver flood with some standing timber remaining and seems perfect for the introduction of a private stock of Large Mouth Bass. There is 2000+ feet of water frontage and a 2 acre+ island on Long Narrow Lake. The lake is best known for its small mouth bass and pickerel fishing. In addition to the two lakes there are also four large ponds and adjacent flooded lands, all superb habitat. There are private roads just north and also south of the properties and presently the best access is via a groomed ATV trail across crown land. The pioneer roads that once served the settlers are no longer easily traced cross country even though they are clearly depicted on the MNR Land Use Maps. There are old road cuts and traces of tracks that likely connected wilderness farms. The area is White Tailed Deer country and black bear are returning to pre-contact numbers. Moose are not as rare as they once were. Historically there were elk in the area and I have heard that elk have been re-introduced some miles to the west (autumn before last a buddy of mine who has hunted elk out west found himself listening to a bull bugling at first light) The wild turkey population is numerous. Snow shoe hare and partridge are common. The ponds and marsh are prime staging and feeding areas for Mallards & Blacks and attract Canadian geese. There is an astounding interactive map free on line for all of Frontenac County including Cache Lake Country: frontenacmaps.ca Fossicking around Cache Lake Country by map and satellite image is a pleasant exercise and time well spent. The photographs were taken in November so you will see how our ridges run, that the forest is preponderantly Maple, Oak and Blue Beech with scattered patches of White Pine and Eastern White Cedar. It was a kid who first spotted the cow moose. After you have found her once she is easy enough but her calf is a lot less so. Cache Lake Country is a remarkable find and is now for sale.